Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Episode 28: Franny Wood

 This week I spoke with Franny Wood. Franny was a nanny for 16 years, and recently began working with HomeWork Solutions, a very well-known nanny payroll company. She helps nannies navigate payroll and how to be paid legally, and has graciously offered to share her email address with us. If you or your employers have an questions about payroll, you can contact her at

Book recommendations: The Lighthouse Family, Tomorrow Most Likely

Class recommendations: International Nanny Training Day

For more information about the SoCal Nanny Convention please check out our website The event will be completely bilingual, with seminars on how to become a better nanny, networking opportunities with agencies and local educational businesses, plus vendor booths for local nannies' side hustles! We will also have a certificate for everyone who attends!

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